THREEZY: The Prequel


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released 30 December 2013




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Track Name: WiT MY CRiLLYS (prod. Froskees)
i be ridin i be out here i be in these fuckin streets i be out here gainin clout wit a blunt in my mouth get the love get the kudos got the swag and the steeze got the B I T C H's on my DC DC DC I'm a slutty boy girl text me when you need me hit me on the phone when you tryna get... couple groupies in my phone but i don't really need those steeze on a million man they think I'm usin cheat codes little do they know my fuckin steeze is stuck on beast mode killin basic wannabes cuz i fuckin hate those I'm about to milk the game i hope that you aint lactose and if you are then don't you drink from my glass hoe my shit is full i want a pool full of money ugh i gotta step it up i wanna ball like scrooge mc duck I'm sick as fuck i rather steal your bitch though on some bowser shit boss mode UGH ridin wit my crilly niggas we just turn up we don't pull no triggas we just blaze up get drunk and fuck bitches did that so much i almost forgot the mission whoa i be swaggin on these faggots DC you so scandalous you speaking outlandish basic they can't handle this i been out the box bitch clique never cliche can i get a replay can i get a witness when did i not kill shit bitch i been cool forever you just barely started huh i be join hard as fuck i be jumping off i be out here climbin shit i be out here breaking stuff

I earn up wit my crillys i burn up wit my crillys i turn up wit my crillys like ayy
These bitches claiming that we ratchet tell shutcho ass up we get it crackin x2

Mosh pit Mosh pit still be on my rock shit catch me back in 06 i was coin spin kicks army fatigue hat that was fuckin steeze then meet a pretty mexican straight edge vegetarian I'ma give her meat though ima make her swallow ima get her trippin get her drunk of my love trojan ultra ribbed yea thats the glove i know I'm a fool i do it for the love